Hi, I am DominikVrábDominik Vráb


I started going to university, majoring in marketing and management, specialising in digital marketing. And I found that I have a great passion in how systems work and how we can modify them.

The beginning of the unknown

It’s kind of funny because when I first heard about programming I thought it was something unattainable for me. Anyway, my beginnings were with Python and everything I learned I learned on Udemy.com

Erasmus +

I chose Information Technology as my subject of study, so I basically took courses like Databases, UI/UX Design, Web Design, and C#

Fascination with artificial intelligence and machine learning

Artificial intelligence is something fascinating to me and I’m learning it so far anyway, when it’s at a level that I can charge money for it then I’ll write more about it. 

Full-stack web solutions

Since I have quite a wide knowledge in this field and a few projects, this is currently my main activity besides my studies at university.